Looking for images with Copy space?


Designers don’t always want a busy image and they might also not want to remove parts of an image to create space for copy. That’s why photographers shoot specific images with space for copy in mind. Here is a small selection of images that fit the brief.

If you’re a client looking for an image with copy space and and you can’t find it, click on LIVESEARCH just under the search bar and let us do the hard work.

If you’re a photographer, when you’re next out shooting or on specific project, try to shoot a selection of copy space specific images if you haven’t already and target them at different sectors of the picture buying market. There is of course a difference between copy space images for book covers and that of magazines. Look at the comparison below to get an idea of the difference when shooting and the space needed. Look at the selection below to see the difference between book cover copy space and ad copy space for magazines.

These three images could work well with many different genres but given the dimensions and copy space, they could work especially well on book covers. The image below these could work really well as a magazine centre spread or bill board. Always consider your end user and increase your image usability in the eyes of a client.

AA1321405_Medium_res_comp   AA1240854_Medium_res_comp   crows on tree branches

These two images could work well in magazine advertising or bill boards…

Antique baby shoes on blue textured background with copy space.     AA1207116_Medium_res_comp