International Spy Thrillers

Rumours abound that Daniel Craig is finally hanging up the Walther PPK after a generally acclaimed tenure as James Bond.

Will the highly respected Idris Elba become the first black actor to play 007? Or will Tom Hiddleston sweep into the part on the back of his performance in The Night Manager? It probably won’t be Gillian Anderson but Jane Bond is a fascinating idea nonetheless…

In fiction, the international espionage thriller is still a very popular concept and many of the associated visual themes are unchanged since Ian Fleming’s day. Sharp suits, fast cars, exotic locations and dangerous women abound. These larger-than- life worlds form a contrast with the unsettling domesticity of grip-lit or the city streets of political and legal thrillers.

We’ve therefore explored the international spy concept with a gallery of striking new imagery, featuring crisp visuals, eye-catching compositions and bold colours.

Pour yourself a vodka martini and take a look…

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