Stranger Things Imagery at Arcangel


1980s pop culture seems to be alive and well in 2016, with Ghostbusters returning to the big screen alongside the latest Star Trek sequel. Meanwhile on Netflix, the hit mystery series Stranger Things is not only set in 1983 but salutes the books, TV and film of that time – think Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

The ingredients are all there. The setting is a small town America where nothing ever happens. We see things through the eyes of a group of boys in their early teens. There’s a single mother at the heart of the story. A disappearance. And of course, there’s something otherworldy, mysterious and possibly horrifying lurking in the shadows.

We’re excited by this trend at Arcangel and took the opportunity to explore some related visual ideas.
Pre-teen characters, bikes, abandoned cabins, sinister government agencies and more can be found in our selection here!

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