Beauty & The Beast Imagery at Arcangel

The forthcoming live-action version of Disney’s Beauty & The Beast seems set to delight fans of the 1990s animation, and will no doubt captivate a new generation in turn.
Fairy tales have been reimagined and adapted countless times over the years, and whilst some recent adaptations have stretched or reversed the conventions of the genre, there are certain visual motifs that remain constant – beautiful princesses, dashing princes, monsters, dark forests and forbidding castles.
Many of our best-known fairy tales were first recorded in the 18th and early 19th centuries, so it’s perhaps not surprising that we often visualise the stories in the costumes and styles of that era. The tale of Beauty & The Beast is no exception, having its origins in 18th-century France, and Disney have embraced this setting in their treatments of the story.
In the lightbox below, you’ll see how Arcangel photographers have depicted fairy tales – some directly inspired by Beauty & The Beast, others exploring different motifs…

Arcangel selection of images – Beauty & The Beast

Featured Image AA1409735