American Gods

Fans of Neil Gaiman around the globe will be keenly anticipating the new TV adaptation of his novel American Gods, debuting on Amazon Prime in late April. Gaiman’s work has already seen successful adaptation into films, TV and radio, but Amazon will be hoping that his considerable readership will guarantee them a major hit.
The ingredients promise much. The novel is a road trip through small-town America and through mythology, in the company of ex-convict Shadow and his mysterious employer Mr Wednesday, the latter played by Ian McShane in the new series. Shadow will discover a hidden world interwoven with our own, where gods are real, the dead can return, and a war is about to take place.
Blending the myths of old Europe with contemporary rural America creates many memorable visual themes and contrasts. Here, we present our own image gallery inspired by the concepts of the book and the style of the new show – we hope you enjoy the selection!

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