Publishing industry trends update – Please read!


The importance of depicting greater ethnic diversity in fiction has been a major talking point in the publishing industry over the past year. We are seeing this reflected in ever more demand for non-caucasian characters to appear in cover designs, especially in Young Adult titles. Designers in the US and UK now routinely ask us to upload more images of people from different ethnicities.
In addition, designers are telling us that images are being rejected by book editors if they depict all-caucasian groups – even if the image is perfect for the title in every other respect!
There is demand for more ethnic minority characters in all publishing genres, whether it’s contemporary romance, thrillers, sci-fi or historical fiction. For teenage and young adult fiction, ethnic diversity is now seen as essential.
This trend is being driven at the highest levels in publishing and we expect to see more and more sales opportunities in this area – please keep this in mind when planning any upcoming shoots!

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