Genre Interpretation: Against Larger Forces

As we grow our narrative-themed galleries we’ve been able to see how certain themes can cross genres. ‘Against Larger Forces’ is a good example of this – it’s a theme that could apply to a thriller, a mystery or a historical epic.

Against Larger Forces

It’s also been fascinating for us to see how different photographers’ work can be used to suggest a range of interpretations of these themes.

Within this gallery, Nik Keevil’s military and thriller images emphasise the heroic aspect of the Against Larger Forces theme; the idea of a valiant individual or courageous team making a stand against overwhelming opposition.


By contrast, Klaus Ohlenschlaeger’s imagery brings some of those larger forces to life, with concepts of surveillance, security and corporate machinations that a protagonist might be opposing.

Ryan Jorgensen, meanwhile, explores ideas of revolution and unrest, suggesting resistance to larger forces by the oppressed. His work also makes inventive use of toys and games to symbolise conflict.

All of our narrative themed galleries are continually refreshed and updated, so keep checking back to see fresh material. We hope that exploring these ideas will help to trigger some creative interpretations of your own!

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