hole in the ground

CaptureClient Brief : we’re looking for images from a below ground viewpoint: A hole in the ground but looking up, from the bottom of the hole, so you see the soil/muddy wall and sky. Giving a sense of fear/sinister angle. Criss cross branches. Giving the sense there is trees, above the hole, as it takes place in the country side. It’s in winter time so preferably bare branches no leaves! In the scene, snow is ok too. The hole that is dug out has tree roots sticking out of the hole edges/walls. Any tree roots sticking out of soil. They may consider having a figure looking down into the hole (if you have any images of people from that perspective) preferably someone who could either look male/female. Image attached show the type of feel we are trying to achieve.
PS Number : 00001848
Deadline Date : 2018-03-12 15:45:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : Thriller

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