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Arcangel France: Book cover trends


There has always been an interesting element to book cover design in France and it’s one that hasn’t changed much over the years. Sure, trends change and styles develop but the essence of a good cover design for the French has always seemed to centre itself around the quality of the image and less so around colour manipulation or photoshop.

Book cover designers in France keep it simple.

There is something quintessentially French about it. Très chic I guess, classic and timeless as we have come to expect in so many things French.

arcangel images photolibrary france

Arcangel images photo library France


We can see in some of the designs below that typeface and font choice is of course important as in any design but there is always that “je ne sais quoi” about French covers that always make them look, well…French.

Arcangel France

Arcangel Images Stock library France

We see amazing cover design across many countries including the U.S and U.K and over the years have seen a decreased requirement for heavily photoshopped or textured imagery. Arcangel are always on the look out for new exciting work and welcome submissions that respond to our client requirements. Clean crisp images with colour and light are selling well and clients are constantly on the look out for developing trends.

arcangel images stock library 2015

Arcangel Images photo library 2015

Keep a look out for our Country specific highlight blogs to see the latest trends in each market.