Video: Photo shoot in the desert

We came across this short but very cool video from Tim Mantoani, a photographer in the U.S working on commercial and creative shoots.

There’s some very useful information in this video, as well as covering technical aspects of a shoot in the desert it also highlights the logistical aspect of preparing a professional shoot. Whilst we may not all have a desert two hours from our house, there certainly is a chance you will be working one day in strong sunlight.

The other interesting element here is the use of models in a session, notice the food being bundled and the car being prepped prior to their journey.

Experienced photographers understand what the challenges can be in the organisation of a professional shoot so will enjoy this video, for those of you that are new, this is a good opportunity to learn more about what it takes and how professionals set up when on a commercial job.

Feature image by Rekha Garton (Image number AA1326039) Click here

Rekha Garton on Arcangel Images