Back to school!


September’s here, there’s a freshness in the air, children and parents everywhere are hearing those powerful words – back to school…It’s a phrase laden with expectations and is a rich source of ideas and inspiration for photography and design!

There’s the concept of school itself…classrooms, books, learning, new ideas, new horizons and the excitement of discovering new things. Of course, on the other hand there’s also the burden of homework and the pressure of exams…

But school is also the place where friendships are formed. It’s a place of fun, play and creativity as well as studying. It can be overwhelming and a little scary at times, but growing up and going to class together can forge bonds that last a lifetime. For older children, going back to school – maybe for the last time – means those heady days where we come of age. We experience the hope and heartbreak
of those first teenage romances, and we try to imagine a future for ourselves.

These are highly evocative concepts that will be relevant to a range of design projects, from YA fiction covers to campaigns promoting learning.

Here’s an image selection from Arcangel exploring these themes.

Have a look at our take on these subjects, and feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments!