Need ideas on what to shoot next?

As creative as photographers are, there comes a time when you need to find new ideas. Inspiration comes in many different forms but never overlook one of the most important trend setters in creative design. What is it we hear you say? …well, it’s films, more specifically, film covers and posters. Yes, the everyday stuff we watch on the box, whilst relaxing at home with our wine and snacks, often holds a treasure trove of ideas and creative inspiration.

If you look closely and do a bit of research, you will notice that often, they are wrapped in marketing material, that uses design trends that publishers and advertisers follow and build on. Yet, it is an underused and very useful tactic when planning what to shoot and how to anticipate visual trends.

We looked at a few films due out in 2016 and we were excited to see some beautiful, highly creative work that we think our contributors could use as inspiration for new shoots. If you ever find yourself thinking of what to shoot next, visit IMBD, alternatively simply type “Film posters 2016” or “Films 2016” into Google,  and there you will find an abundance of creative inspiration waiting for you. Search by the genre that suits your photography or simply make sets of images and create personalised mood boards.

Here are just a few examples of what we think could work for 2016:






images (1)




images (2)