1940’s Nurse Photoshoot by Rekha Garton


The 1940’s nurse project was a commissioned shoot. I received a quick outline of what the client wanted and we went back and fourth with potential models, locations and outfits. I have a costumiers I routinely use but nothing was quite right. We found a good one from Costume Hire Direct. It was historically more accurate, with added extras like the red belt and a cape.

I suggested Melissa Greaves as the model, a local model who’s only 16! She had the perfect hair and complexion and after seeing her, the client immediately said YES. The male model wasn’t so much of an issue, he was supposed to be tall, dark hair and close shaven so I chose another local model Jake Watson, who I’ve worked with many times and know is very professional. He actually kept Melissa at ease the entire shoot even though he was pushed for time. Melissa was amazing… kept a smile on her face all day despite shaking like a leaf due to the cold weather but was willing to persevere.

My hair and make up artist was Lanoi Hansankda, she is a true professional and extremely efficient, Lanoi doesn’t ‘over-do’ the make up which can actually be harder to edit than bad skin (Melissa of course doesn’t have bad skin).

Due to the very tight deadline, I edited the shoot the next day. The client was extremely pleased with the final result and the images are now in the final design stages. Since I received the commissioned brief directly through Arcangel, it meant I could put all the images I shot from the entire day onto Arcangel archives for other potential buyers.

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