Calling all Arcangel contributors in the USA!


Our clients in the U.S. publishing sector are in need of American locations for their book covers.
In a recent series of meetings with major U.S. publishing houses we heard again and again how designers would love to have more U.S.-specific imagery. It’s not just the famous landmarks and tourist destinations; they’re looking for general settings like suburban streets, city apartment blocks, high school playing fields, bars, motels or diners. Even incidental details in the background could be of interest – a road sign, a mailbox, a bus stop, a lawn, a flag outside a public building…
U.S. publishers already love what we do; if we can bring them more images with an authentic American context then we’ll create new sales opportunities in different genres and styles.
We look forward to seeing new submissions!

Featured Image AA1216046

We look forward to seeing new submissions!