King Arthur Imagery at Arcangel


Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur film will arrive in cinemas later this month. As with his entertainingly unconventional treatment of the Sherlock Holmes characters, it’s safe to say this will not be a traditional retelling of the legend; one trailer features a battle sequence involving a giant elephant…

There have been many different screen interpretations of the Arthur legend. Some have aimed for historical authenticity, depicting Arthur as a soldier or chieftain in post-Roman Britain; others have embraced the mythic and supernatural elements, enhancing the role of Merlin and the legend of the sword in the stone. Earlier Hollywood versions placed the Arthur – Guinevere – Lancelot love triangle at the centre of the story.
The success of TV series including Game of Thrones, Vikings and The Last Kingdom mean that a gritty Dark Age aesthetic is now becoming much more familiar. We’re unlikely to see bright colours or shining armour in Arthurian adaptations anytime soon; skies will be overcast, landscapes will be heavily forested, battles will be muddy and knights are more likely to be clad in furs or leathers.
We’ve created a gallery of King Arthur-inspired imagery, blending historical fiction and medieval fantasy…

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