Game of Thrones Imagery at Arcangel


The hit TV series Game Of Thrones returns for its penultimate seventh series this month.
The adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ novels has been phenomenally successful, and has been able to find an audience even among those who are not usually fans of fantasy.
This is perhaps because – although dragons and the undead certainly feature prominently – the real drama comes from the power dynamics, politics, romances and betrayals among a broad ensemble cast. The most notable monsters have usually been human.
The series has also become known for stunning plot twists and unexpected reverses; the awareness that even heroic principal characters might meet an abrupt and grisly end has helped keep viewers on the edge of their seats through six seasons.
With settings spanning two huge fictional countries, there are also many contrasting visual styles. There’s the frozen North inhabited by fur-clad watchmen and wildlings; the city of King’s Landing with courtly costumes that blend elements from China and the European Renaissance; and Meereen, resembling a medieval Middle Eastern city with colossal stepped pyramids.

We’ve collected some of our favourite Game Of Thrones-inspired imagery into the gallery below…

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