Forest Moods

Images of forests can be used to convey many different and contradictory moods and meanings. They also present many opportunities to photographers to explore colour, light and composition.

In thriller design, a forest is often a threatening or sinister environment used to symbolise a protagonist feeling lost or threatened. Horror covers might take this idea further still, and perhaps show claw-like branches in silhouette, or deep shadows in which danger awaits.
Forest imagery can also suggest more upbeat themes. Beauty in nature can suggest freedom from everyday life, and it’s easy to imagine a forest as a hidden retreat or a place of escape. In this context, a path through a forest might indicate a book character on a journey of discovery.

Forests in winter have many magical associations, from the Snow Queen to C. S. Lewis’s Narnia stories, so snow-bound woodland scenes can carry a sense of enchantment. They can also suggest chilly bleakness and the starkness of winter.

In the image gallery below, you can see the many different ways Arcangel photographers have depicted forests in their work. We hope you find something there to inspire you for your next photoshoot or your next design project!

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