1930s woman with parasol

Client Brief : I’m hoping to follow the composition and general ‘mood’ of the attached with a striking woman holding a sun umbrella. 1930s/1940s clothing. Female, early 30s with light stylish hair – could be blowing in the breeze and shouldn’t look too neat. Her expression should be controlled and she should look empowered, looking out beyond the camera. Her clothing should be stylish, perhaps a plain coloured shirt and high waisted trousers/skirt or a simple summer dress (no patterns) and she should wear sunglasses. She should be holding a light sun umbrella with purpose. In terms of photographic style, the lighting should be natural and it shouldn’t look too ‘studio’.
PS Number : 00002134
Deadline Date : 2018-10-17 00:00:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : Historical Fiction

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