Snagged fabric on a bush, Updated and deadline extended!

We are keep looking for images of a piece of a scarf or top or fabric, etc that has been snagged and caught on the branch by mistake. We need the fabric to be less wrapped around/draped on the branch and more snagged and ripped. With the cloth/fabric it will need to be shot in some sort of colour, so it’s a lot easier to manipulate in to various colours in photoshop. To match whatever the title colour will be. Avoid white, it’s hard to change the colour.

The bush or branch is going on the left hand side of our comp. We need to see the entire or half bush, ( not a close up ) so we can crop and add it to our background. 

Atmospheric, plain light, like a cloudy day, NOT direct sunny light or reflections and shadows. 

PS Number : 00002492
Deadline Date : 2019-08-26 00:00:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : Thriller

Please upload any relevant high-images through your Arcangel account. Images submitted to Livesearch projects will also enter the general submission workflow. Include the Livesearch PS number when submitting images. Enter the number in the LT Keyworder’s Livesearch field.