Graduation Images

Client Brief : This is a book about the Student Debt Crisis in America.
Request: We are looking for simple, clean, isolated, or iconic shots of the following:
1. “still life” solitary graduation cap. Could be against a white background, or in a “scene”, on the ground, etc. Would love to see the inside of the cap, tassels strewn… in order to do something along the lines of The Mirror Test or Interviews with American Artists, or, to the simplest extent, Maid
2. Crowd of students tossing up their graduation caps, or just, crowds of students… evoking a multitude, the massiveness of this issue. I’m thinking of the cover for Caste, but I can imagine other ways of working with such an image.
3. Any photos of the “aftermath” of that scene? caps on the ground? flowers, etc? Evicted evokes the feeling we’re going for, here.
PS Number : 00002931
Deadline Date : 2020-08-26 00:00:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : General Non-Fiction

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