Posh Party Drinks/ Food

Client Brief : So we’re looking for a beautiful artistic photograph with the following: (specific image references included)
High end champagne glasses/flutes, or ideally elegant vintage champagne coupes, ideally a variety – maybe including expensive looking wine glasses like IMAGE 1 and IMAGE 2 attached. Some with dregs of champagne or wine in, (maybe some red wine, some champagne) like IMAGE 1 attached There would ideally be hints of bottles like IMAGE 1 and IMAGE 2 attached, but ideally without recognisable labels. Also we don’t want the plastic corks. This is meant to be a posh affair. Regular corks are fine though. Again, some stains on the table or cloth like IMAGE 1 and IMAGE 3. But not excessive. Ideally one of the glasses with subtle lipstick on the edge – doesn’t need to be in foreground or middle of shot. The more realistic/random the better. Our dream would be that there would be an insect, for instance a fly or a wasp in or around one of the glasses, but I’m guessing this is impossible. Perhaps could be added by us later! There could be an element of foliage, perhaps a rose or flower lying with some petals astray. See IMAGE 3 and IMAGE 4. A rose with thorns would be amazing. It could be on a table, expensive looking wood table, or tablecloth (nothing too ornate or patterned) or alternative classy surface. Again maybe a hint of luxury food – this is a posh anniversary garden party, so something like very tasteful dishes of half eaten seafood. Or olives, or a piece of half eaten cake on china plate and a pretty fork. Pretty light, to hint that it’s a summer garden party. Eg IMAGE 6 The key is that it looks beautiful, lit prettily, not too cluttered, and very natural. We don’t want it to look staged. Ideally shot from the side or above.
PS Number : 00003082
Deadline Date : 2021-02-02 00:00:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : General Fiction

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