1950s woman

Client Brief : We need another go at this one. Her hair here isn’t right, nor are the gloves. Also she can be any hair colour except pale blonde.
The woman is a scientist in the 1950s (atom bomb level) has dark brown hair (we can alter hair, just not platinum blonde). Details: Dress: Relaxed / casual 1950s: dress or top. no patterns though. The dress in original shots actually would be ok, and with loose hair and no gloves, would be fine. No gloves, bare arms (it’s summer) Hair – unpinned and loose (from the attached references 1, 2 and 3, which are original 1950 shots, they all have above shoulder length styles ) Ideally on a vintage phone, but if no vintage phone available, if they could be holding a phone and perhaps we could photoshop in the vintage one later! She should NOT be Spanish or Mediterranean looking, despite dark hair.
PS Number : 00003083
Deadline Date : 2021-01-29 00:00:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : Historical Fiction

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