Genre Interpretation: Self-Discovery

In the process of curating our images, the Arcangel team have to consider how to group images by theme, and how very different visual styles can be used to communicate common ideas.
Recently we’ve been exploring narrative themes in the process of creating galleries for our clients to browse. These edited selections group many images together to represent a narrative concept in ways that we hope are interesting and inspiring.
One of our latest galleries showcases images that suggest the theme of self-discovery, and we’ve been able to see how different photographers’ work can suggest contrasting approaches to this theme.…

Reem Eissa’s imagery is dreamlike and surreal, with her subjects transformed or surrounded by floating objects. Whilst there is an element of the fantastic, these images could also represent inner journeys, emerging talents or hidden strengths.

Christopher Oberschneider’s outdoor adventure photography presents a different style. Although awe-inspiring, his landscapes also convey an element of serenity. His small figures almost lost in the landscape take on a meditative quality, with perhaps a sense of someone venturing into the wilderness to find themselves.

Taking a wider view, Kristina Dominianni’s beautiful images of a little girl shows self-discovery through the eyes of another. The camera adopts a parent’s eye view of the child, and the emotional connection this creates allows the viewer to join them as they discover parenthood and childhood together.

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