2017 Arcangel staff fav covers

Every week at Arcangel we get too see our images used in dozens of fantastic book cover designs, coming from all over the world and in many different genres.
It would be impossible to rank them or to pick just one favourite, but here are some of the designs that caught the eye of our staff in 2017…

The image is exactly the same as original, and is perfect, full of darkness, mystery and unsureness. Love that is black and white. Not a typical image,  makes it so fantastic. -Edyta Paszkowska
Image AA1161223 Photographer: Caryn Drexl



I’m in love with this cover because the double exposure technique is used so cleverly to illustrate how we live immersed in this frenetic city rhythm. I love the birds getting out the head, as if there was no room for critical  thinking. – Ana Martínez
Image AA1225152 Photographer: Chris Rivera


I think the darker tones in this cover are framed brilliantly by the bright red roses and text. -Simon Morgan
Image AA1564126 Photographer Valentino Sani

Dark lake


Beautiful image, full of emotion. The book is about strong women, strong enough to go against destiny, and this image it says all – and powerfully-Edyta Paszkowska
Image AA1311989 Photographer: Monica Quintana



I like this cover because it does the job perfectly… It makes you flip over the book to read the back cover.  And guess what ? Reading the blurb will give you an idea of the two characters whose faces are illustrated on the front…  A nice strategic and artistic move, isn’t it ? – Clement Choukroun
Image AA1289856 Photographer: Stephen Carroll
Designer: Isabelle Flamigni


I really love how delicate and feminine this cover is.  The glowing light in the centre gives it charm and mystery which makes me want to read it. -Lizzie Turner
Image AA1234387 Photographer: Paul Gooney


United States of America
 I love the daring distortion used to mimic the patchwork of video/television streams. -Simon Morgan
Image AA1400130 Photographer: Ilona Wellmann



This cover is absolutely amazing because the picture illustrates the sense of defencelessness according to the the plot: a little figure (ordinary man)  facing a giant door (powerful faceless forces out of his control). – Ana Martínez
Image AA1497836 Photographer: Phil McKay



United Kingdom
I was struck by the use of blood-red type on the snowy white background for this cover. The pale grey images evoke winter but also wartime newsreel footage, and the indistinct outline of the concentration camp hovers above like a sinister ghost. Sends shivers down the spine! – Philip Grimwood-Jones
Images AA1163234 and AA1310002 Photographer: Paul Bucknall

Pale Horse Published

Underwater photography is a very difficult thing to do well.  I admire the silence and beauty captured in this cover.  The floatiness of the dress juxtaposed with the eeriness of the dark water creates such a haunting dreamy book cover. – Lizzie Turner
Image AA1250403 Photographer: Renee Robyn