Creating a book cover

We always love seeing images from the Arcangel collection used in great book cover designs, and it can be fascinating to see all the different directions that designers can go from the starting image.

Here, we’ve picked out a few covers that make really inventive use of our imagery – whether it’s combining multiple images into a montage, adding or removing elements, or simply making a few adjustments to colours and textures.
Some of the designers involved have also shared their recollections of the briefs and how they arrived at the concepts.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Lady In The Lake by Laura Lippman
HarperCollins, USA, July 2019

Nos vies en l’air by Manon Fargetton
Rageot Editeur, France, January 2019

Les orphelins du bout du monde by Harmony Verna
Univers Poche, France, March 2019

“For this book, the key words in the editor’s brief were “A house in the middle of the Australian plains”, “Red earth”, “Passion”, and the title – “Les Orphelins du bout du monde” [Orphans At The End Of The World]. 
I decided to compose the cover from the house rather than the characters. I searched for timeless architecture, something big. I really liked the face-on view and the distance of the composition, with the house right in the middle of free space. This sounded like the novel’s story.
The photo was in black and white so I had to paint some atmosphere with a selection of warm tones and colors. I wanted to make this house enigmatic; a burnt landscape to match an idea of tension within the story. I hope that came across to the readers!”-Katia Monaci, Freelance designer

The Burnt Country by Joy Rhoades
Random House, Australia, August 2019

The Ex-Wife by Jess Ryder
Bookouture, UK, June 2018

Die Festung der Einsamkeit by Jonathan Lethem
Tropen, Germany, January 2019

“This is a series design I made for Tropen publishing house. All the covers are close-up portraits with the same age and gender as the stories’ main character. The characters in the stories are mostly crooks, losers and petty thieves…
All of them are looking directly at the camera. I used only two colours on each cover to make them very striking and contemporary, and to tie together the series.” -Werner Schlosser, Zero Media.

Le matin de Neverworld by Marisha Pessl
Univers Poche, France, August 201

Come un Padre by Marco Martani 
De Agostini, Italy, December 2018

The Other Mrs Miller by Allison Dickson
Sphere, UK, July 2019

“This was a fun brief to work on as there were a few different routes that we explored; upset domesticity, marriage at breaking point, voyeurism and the idea of two people watching each other – which was the direction that we ended up focusing on. 
As it’s a psychological suspense novel we wanted the cover to be intriguing yet immediate. We chose the final image as we felt the dark shadow on the face had the right mood and tone, and then created the red split to suggest the idea of the two female characters and link to the ‘Other’ in the title.”
-Ellen Rockell, Little Brown UK