Successful Weekly Briefing Challenges and Livesearch Projects

Nearly five years ago Arcangel pioneered a content request system which allowed clients to ask for specific images, and not have to pay commissioned shoot prices: Livesearch was born!  The briefs would be sent to all our contributors and the submissions we’ve received have been a huge success with our clients due to the quick turnaround times and array of choices.
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Arcangel then went on to launch our Weekly Briefing Challenges which have been very popular with our contributors.  Each week we send out a different subject for our talented photographers to shoot. Each photographer puts their own unique interpretation into their submissions and we feature the galleries on our homepage, whilst helping to grow our high end creative library too.  
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Below are some wonderful examples of successful Livesearch and Weekly Briefing Images that have been licensed for Book Covers. 

Well done and Thank You to all our contributors who responded to each brief!

Livesearch Request: Couple
Rekha Garton AA1356575

Livesearch Request: Man With Gun
Laura Kate Bradley AA11103137

Livesearch Request: Broken Heart Locket
Tina Pappas Lee AA11027631

Livesearch Request: 1930s Glamorous Woman
Lee Avison AA11040346

Livesearch Request: Wolf Medallion
Eleanor Caputo AA1945229 

Livesearch Request: Champagne Bottle
Cristian Todea AA11065174

Livesearch Request: 1940s Wedding Dress
Laura Kate Bradley AA1808834

Livesearch Request: Woman Walking in Rain
Mark Owen AA21419

Weekly Briefing Challenge: Shells
Kristina Strasunske AA1988571 

Weekly Briefing Challenge: Envelope
Miguel Sobreira AA1997319
Stephanie Frey AA11018481
Cate McRae AA11007410

Weekly Briefing Challenge: Rotten Fruit
Reilika Landen AA1854775

Weekly Briefing Challenge: Threads
Vanessa Stotnitsky AA1864054  

Weekly Briefing Challenge: Butterfly
Ebru Sidar AA11073921  

Weekly Briefing Challenge: Lips
Sarah Larrisa Heuser AA1957631

Weekly Briefing Challenge: Crown
Helena G.M AA11199603