Shooting at home: Bathrooms

With many of us currently at home or in lockdown, opportunities for photoshoots are mostly confined to where we live!

Don’t worry – even if you don’t have a home studio, there is still a huge range of subjects you can shoot at home which will be relevant for the publishing industry.

In this series of posts we’ll be sharing our tips for shooting at home. We’ll also suggest popular concepts and themes for book publishing which can be shot in different rooms and spaces wherever you live!


Bathrooms appear most often for book covers in contemporary fiction aimed at a female readership. The tone of these covers is often quirky or humorous, but sometimes with darker undertones.

Toothbrushes and bathroom cabinets can be a playful way to suggest the compromises of shared living, especially if male and female toiletries are shown in proximity.

Images of make-up or lipstick being applied are frequently searched on the Arcangel website.

Luxurious freestanding baths suggesting relaxation and indulgence may be a cliche, but they nevertheless appear on many cover designs. It is worth noting that some designers have subverted this trope!

We hope this gives you some starting points for home photoshoots – over the rest of this series we’ll suggest some themes and book cover concepts that can be shot in each room of the house!