Shooting at home: Families and children

With many of us currently at home or in lockdown, opportunities for photoshoots are mostly confined to where we live!

Don’t worry – even if you don’t have a home studio, there is still a huge range of subjects you can shoot at home which will be relevant for the publishing industry.

In this series of posts we’ll be sharing our tips for shooting at home. We’ll also suggest popular concepts and themes for book publishing which can be shot in different rooms and spaces wherever you live!

Families and Children

If you’re living with family members and children who are willing to be included in a photoshoot, there are plenty of book cover concepts that can be shot in a domestic setting!

Children playing with toys can be used by designers to evoke nostalgia or a sense of innocence. Siblings hugging, holding hands or playing together can be used to similar effect.

We also receive regular requests for images of children looking serious, thoughtful or sad, which can hint at tragic events or their aftermath. 

It’s a good general strategy when shooting adults or children to include a wide range of emotions. Including a mixture of upbeat and happy emotions along with some moody or contemplative expressions can make your shoot more widely applicable and more likely to sell. 

We’ve also recently had a request from a major publisher for more silhouettes – these can be used on covers of all genres, so we recommend capturing them at home if you possibly can!

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