Big Assortment of Envelopes and Letters from Directly Overhead

Client Brief : We need a large variety of letters, different envelopes, stamps on them, some ripped open, some letters, some envelopes, different colours etc. Not birthday cards or postcards but letters written by adult family members. Ideally we would have a mix of sizes of envelope and of colours of envelope/paper, but having said that we do NOT want it to look like a rainbow, just a natural mix of common letter colours such as white, cream, occasional blue, maybe the odd other colour – pink/yellow etc.
It needs to be an aerial shot. And needs to cover a large area, with hundreds of letters.
some shots with just envelopes of lots of different sizes and colours (they can be ripped open in places) some shots with a mix of closed envelopes/open envelopes and letters themselves taken out and opened, some handwritten some typed. In the end we won’t be able to read the addresses as there will be too many letters in the final cover to be legible.
I’m thinking that someone shoots say 50 mixed up envelopes etc then more in different formations, and we can comp them together to get the scale we need….  We could also try an assortment without anything written on, so blank letters and envelopes.

PS Number : 00002864
Deadline Date : 2020-06-28 00:00:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : Literary Fiction

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