Overhead view of boy aged 11-12 lying on floor

Client Brief : Overhead view of boy lying on floor
Overview: We require a colour photograph of a 11-12 year old boy shot directly from above/overhead. He should be lying on his back, but not with his hands behind his head, and he should have open eyes.
Must be a colour shot Must be shot from directly overhead/aerial. It cannot be shot from the side at all. Please try some with overhead lighting and some with side/angled lighting. The boy should be aged 11-12 and white/caucasian The boy should have any hair colour so long as it isn’t very blonde. Brown is good. He should be wearing jeans or trousers not shorts. Top could be t-shirt, perhaps some with checked shirt open over top? Or simple hoody. Or similar. No crazy clothing colours, no brands or logos. Shoes trainers/sneakers NOT school uniform. No bare chests. He should be lying on his back, looking relaxed -would love to see various poses. He should NOT be on front, and NOT be on his side in the foetal position. He should NOT have his hands behind head, as this looks like he’s relaxing on a beach He should have his eyes open, but ideally not looking directly at camera
PS Number : 00002875
Deadline Date : 2020-07-03 00:00:00
Intended Use : Book Cover
Genre : General Fiction

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