Black Lives Matter

While several different nationalities are represented within our team here at Arcangel, we are overwhelmingly white and European. The same can be said of the photographers, illustrators and artists whose work makes up the majority of our image collection. 

Recent events have prompted us to reflect on whether we are doing enough as a company to promote diversity, inclusion and racial equality.

Furthermore, as specialists in imagery for fiction book covers, we are a part of a wider industry that has acknowledged issues with diversity. Publishers are recognising that there are too few minority voices at all levels, too few authors of colour having their work published and promoted, and too few stories being told about non-white characters and perspectives.

We recognise that this must change and that we must take responsibility for driving that change in the ways we are able.

With this in mind, we make the following commitments:

  • We will encourage our photographers to bring in greater ethnic diversity in the casting of models
  • We will broaden our collection so that imagery including non-white characters is available across all our genres
  • We will seek to bring more work into our collection by contributors from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • We will engage with our clients, particularly in the publishing sector, and support them in their own diversity initiatives.

We invite our contributors and colleagues to embrace these commitments and help Arcangel to support positive change in our industry.