2020 Arcangel staff favourite book covers, so far!

We’re halfway through 2020, and it’s certainly been an eventful year…
In amongst all the turmoil, brilliant and beautiful books have continued to be published, in many cases offering us a much-needed escape.
Seeing our contributors’ photography and illustrations becoming part of imaginative and stylish book cover designs is something we always feel proud of.
Here are some of the Arcangel team’s favourite examples published in 2020 so far…

El cielo de tus días by Greta Alonso – Spain
I really like this cover because of the atmosphere it creates. The storm in the landscape puts us between fear and paradise. I am also fond of the title’s integration with the water reflection! .– Clement Choukroun

Berouw by Sofie Sarenbrant – The Netherlands
An incredibly striking cover that quickly conjures a sense of mystery. The broken colorful petals create a strong contrast against an otherwise dark and muted image .- Simon Morgan

A Farkas asztalánál by Rosella Postorino – Hungary
I like this design because the complementary colors of green and orange catch your eye instantly. There’s also the mystery of the situation and the expression of suspicion… trying to figure out what is coming and what is next .- Ana Martínez.

Unsere Korper sind euer Schlachtfeld by Unsere Korper – Germany
The book is a story about women’s suffering in war zones. It’s a beautiful picture, subtle and delicate, which does not speak too much but nevertheless represents everything .- Edyta Paszkowska

Da Oggi Voglio Essere Felice by Valeria Benatti – Italy
I love the colour of this cover, I’m instantly drawn to the beautiful delicate starry sky and the little boy who seems free at first. But then you notice he is walking on a tightrope high in the sky, representing the poignant journey he is about to take in the story .-Lizzie Turner

This Side of Night by J. Todd Scott – USA
A timeless cover that immediately evokes memories of the Wild West. Despite the story’s modern setting, the palette and textures used by the designer take you back to a bygone era .- Simon Morgan

Ces petits riens qui nous animent by Claire Norton – France
This cover is very interesting, because I am convinced that the photographer would be surprised by how her photography has been incorporated into the end result. The modifications made by the designer turned the original image – which was much more thriller-oriented – into a feelgood book! .- Clement Choukoun

Crushed by Kate Hamer – UK
The image perfectly encapsulates the title, creating an impression of a cloying, obsessive relationship. The misty backdrop and the pale colours make the girls’ world seem washed out and unreal .- Philip Grimwood-Jones

De Hemel Proef by Olli Jalonen – The Netherlands
This simple illustration sits perfectly on a cover that is trying to convey the struggle between faith and science in the 17th Century.  The designer has rightly kept away from vibrant colors and effects that would look out of place in this setting .- Simon Morgan

Pastva Pro Oci by Myla Goldberg – Czech Republic
This is a recent cover and it’s really on trend with what we’re seeing in the publishing market.  The Retro vibe from the style of clothes, props and green colour make for a bold and refreshing cover .- Lizzie Turner

Intruso by Tana French – Portugal
I like this cover firstly because I’m a cat person and I love cats. Secondly I love the intrigue about what the cat is looking at. It’s a perfect image to illustrate a domestic thriller; something has happened, and the cat is a mute witness to the situation. A very clever image .-Ana Martínez

L’envers du décor et autres nouvelles by Tatiana De Rosnay – France
This cover is a great example of double exposure techniques. 
A simple feminine silhouette combined with a nighttime image gives a strange sensation; we are not sure what kind of stories we will find in this book. This composition beautifully appeals to our curiosity
.- Clement Choukroun

Follow Me by Kathleen Barber – USA
This is a great example of how applying a digital glitch effect can perfectly portray a feeling of unease in today’s social media driven world .-Simon Morgan

The Message by Mai Jia – UK
The starkness of this image is really eye-catching. The bullets double as silhouettes of people, or perhaps chess pieces, echoing the five codebreakers of the book’s tagline. The strong shadows also suit the espionage theme .- Philip Grimwood-Jones.

Przyjaciel czlowieka by Andrzej Pilipiuk – Poland
I love everything about this cover. It is a fantastic story that includes some dark aspects of the main character.  The image was perfectly suited to the book .- Edyta Paszkowska

Demonov anjel by Michaela Ella Hajduková – Slovakia
I like this cover because of the perfect realization of the shoot itself. The richness of the costume, the perfect makeup and hair styling, the pose, the light… Executing a shoot like this is the hallmark of a very skilled and experienced photographer .- Ana Martínez

Aikuisten valheellinen elämä by Elena Ferrante – Finland
I like the soft feel of this cover, created by the double exposure and gentle yellow tones.  The pop of colour on the girls lips brings your attention to the background setting and makes for a really beautiful cover .- Lizzie Turner

Sangre en la nieve by Jo Nesbo – Spain
I really like the simplicity of the layout. We know just what kind of book we have before us, exactly what we expect when we see the name of Jo Nesbo.
A clearer book cover is hard to imagine! .- Clement Choukroun