The Winx Saga Imagery at Arcangel

A young person discovers they have magical powers; they are sent away to a special academy where those powers can be nurtured. Along the way they will meet friends and mentors, but also be forced to confront unimagined challenges, and come face to face with evil.

This could be a description of the Harry Potter books, or even Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. But it also describes Fate: The Winx Saga, currently screening on Netflix.

Although playing on these YA fantasy archetypes, the big difference between The Winx Saga and these other examples is that it is very much female-led. The principal characters are the fairy Bloom and her roommates, and many of Bloom’s key allies and antagonists are also women.

It is refreshing to see a series where the male characters are largely relegated to love interests, and where female friendhips provide the story’s emotional core.

We’ve prepared an image gallery with a Winx Saga theme, including female protagonists in the fantasy genre more generally…

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